James Bond: ‘Moneypennny, let me tell you the secret of the world…’ – Ultimate Bond Guides

Two indispensable guides I’ve written to help your inner Bond – or villain –  out with your everyday perilous choices.

Villain?  Handy Guide to Henchmanery

IF YOU’RE starved for Halloween ideas or perhaps looking for a career change, here’s a handy flowchart to find out which Bond henchman you are.  The world-wide henchman recruitment agency is always looking for fresh blood, particularly from those with special talents.

Which Bond Henchman are you?

Hero? Foiling a Bond plot

IF YOU’VE decided to shun the time sheets and freelancer lifestyle, perhaps for the employ of a county’s civil service, you may find yourself in situation where you have to topple a crazed supervillain.  Just in case, I helped Q prepare this handy guide.

How to foil a Bond villain

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