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Post 101: 100 Jokerside Moments (51 – 100)

Jokerside 100

TO MARK JOKERSIDE‘S SECOND AND A HALF ANNIVERSARY AND 100th POST….  What better way than the second part of the 100 things of note that have happened in film, TV and music during Jokerside’s lifetime? The great, the good and the sad…

Still wearing that party hat?

51. Universal Horror

It may have taken Disney/Marvel rubbing their noses in it, and they may not have got Dracula Untold exactly right, but at last the great sleeping Universal Studios has woken from the depths of the Black Lagoon. And there’s always Blu-Rays of the classic James Whale Frankenstein films until they nail that huge coffin.

52. Cucumber, Banana, Tofu

Regardless of the massive entertaining quality of Cucumber, this is the commissioning, cross platform public service and high concept budgeting that Channel 4 was born to make. And if the sadly under-watched Cucumber made us realise anything, it’s how great it is to have Russell T Davies’ writing back on air.

53. Lego

Just when it couldn’t get more world-conquering, there’s a public competition and an official Doctor Who set is announced for release in 2015. (See 58)

54. Return of the Gothic

The last 12 months may have seen Jokerside glimpse at contemporary adaptations of Dracula and Frankenstein, but things look set to get a lot busier. Dracula Untold did the business to modestly kick-start the Universal franchise while American and British broadcasters aren’t alone in commissioning multiple adaptations of gothic classics. Just keep an eye on the re-energised drama of ITV in the UK…

55. New talent on Doctor Who

Doctor Who’s Eighth series may have been enjoyable but it wasn’t an unmitigated success, scuppered by the cloyingly pointless Clara dating arc and a Doctor who didn’t even feel compelled to be in a Doctor Who story. But there was much promise behind the camera with the very welcome Ben Wheatley and Douglas MacKinnon, and on scripting duties, including Peter ‘Kill the Moon’ Harness and Jamie ‘Mummy on the Orient Express/Flatline’ Mathieson.. As Moffat’s tenure inevitably draws to a close, there’s hope they’ll form the new guard…

56. Constantine on the page

Only a few swam at speed after DC Comic’s ambitious reboot. Was there ever any doubt hat Liverpool’s most famous wizard would become a key player in DC’s agenda (See 10).

57. The First World War

2014’s commemorations one hundred years after the Great War saw a social and cultural response that complimented a generation. Whoever first thought of those roses around the Tower of London roses deserves an Honour.

58. Travellers’ Tales

Plodding away for over a decade on their Lego videogame franchises, the English software house’s consistent quality is admirable. And really, without those original Star Wars comedy cut scenes there wouldn’t have been the all-conquering The Lego Movie last year (see 53).

59. Channel Five

The Desmond tenure turned a significant profit and saved Big Brother, still in Jokerside’s reckoning, the king/queen/both of reality TV. But Five has now become the first UK terrestrial channel owned by an American mass-media company. That’s huge, but what it will mean for British broadcasting remains to be seen.

60. Winter keeps coming

It may lead the pack when it comes to comfort viewing, but Game of Thrones, the show where nothing really happens and no-one seems to mind, hasn’t let us down at doing just that.

61. The Fab Films

50 years since the release of The Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night last summer kick-started a retrospective of their diverse and underrated filmic oeuvre (See 62). Watch for more of that on Jokerside in 2015.

62. And the Fab songs

And of course, that meant the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four’s first single in October 2012. A single that would start a revolution in the head (See 61).

63. 60 years of Rock ‘n’ Roll

And last summer, the 60th anniversary of Bill Haley and the Comets’ Rock Around the Clock. Rock had been around before, but this pushed it mainstream and it hasn’t taken a holiday since.

64. Wonder Woman

(See 96) It came with criticism, but it wasn’t quite as rude a welcome as Aquaman received. Gal Gadot looks the business as Wonder Woman. And pointing out the similarities between an Amazonian goddess and a Greek warrior princess? Well, duh?

65. Netflix

Netflix arrived in Castle Jokerside for Arrested Development fourth season and hasn’t left. Sod the films, their approach to original programming is refreshing and welcome. Conventional channels have even less reason to be complacent.

66. Seven Spools

Jokerside’s fiction sister-site launched in late 2014. Stories to divide the year sevenly are waiting for you right here

67. Videogames just not slowing down

In a short period of time videogames have supplanted other forms of media, drawing headlines for the sheer devotion and money they engender. Nowhere near maturity, they need support and creative input to flourish into an important and life-changing part of life; from education to philanthropy.

68. Wine

Fuelling Jokerside since 2012. May Bacchus be praised!

69. Bowie wins a Brit

Unbelievably and incredibly well deserved: Bowie became the oldest ever recipient of the Best Male Solo Artist Brit in 2014. He didn’t turn up of course, managing to annoy the Scots by proxy. After all, he didn’t even turn up for the Olympics. One day…

70. DC’s creative split

No, not on the page but in motion. Splitting their universes into the cinematic and televisual is bold and allows creative freedom that can only reward the fans. All Terran and alien fingers crossed that it pans out.

71. Birdman

Not perfect, an acquired taste, but certainly stunning. It rightly ruled the Oscars while reminding us that a film industry without Michael Keaton acting crazy isn’t worth having (not to mention Ed Norton…). Keaton’ll be back at the Oscars one day soon…

72. W1A

She’s had a tough few years has Auntie Beeb, and it’s not getting easier – but she’s still up for taking the piss out of herself. (see 74)

73. Coincidence

It’s bloody everywhere.

74. The BBC

Oh yes, Britain’s wonderful, unique, flawed state broadcaster. Doomed to be criticised no matter what she does, but she keeps on going, and Jokerside wouldn’t have that any other way. (See 72)

75. DC animation

Sadly, the rather good Beware the Batman fell after just one series in the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary year (see 97), meaning no regular animated Batman for the first time in 21 years. Fortunately DC’s ambitious animated films were there to keep the ball rolling. Jokerside watches repeats of the brilliant The Brave and the Bold to fill the gap.

76. UK Arts cuts

It’s been a long terrifying five years of ‘austerity’ for the arts community in the UK. Things look set to stay bleak, but if there’s one glimmer of hope it’s the power that comes from adversity.

77. Fortitude

Not here for praise, although Jokerside lives in hope, Fortitude wasn’t the only high-concept drama to fall flat this year. High-budgets and packed casting can’t guarantee un certain regard and broadcasters, online and on air need a constant reminder of that.

78. The 2013 Scottish Referendum

Times are a’changing in the UK – and there’s every hope that can only lead to something very special indeed. The United Kingdom: the World’s Beatles.

79. Robert Holmes getting a biography

It was a little stodgy, but at least it exists! What a legend…

80. Frankenstein done justice

Not exactly hidden in the League of Rather Contemptible Victorian Gentlemen, John Logan’s adaptation of Frankenstein in Penny Dreadful was sublime.

81. Neil Gaiman writing Doctor Who

Just say it and it sounds brilliant. The outstanding The Doctor’s Wife may have premiered in 2011, but he returned a year later to make the Cybermen scary. A Nightmare in Silver received a more subdued reception but it was still ace. May he return in Series Nine.

82. Atlantis

Mixed blessings this. It may have replaced Merlin by being Merlin, but Atlantis had a lot going for it and was raring along far faster than its older brother. Sadly, it’s cancellation with one half-season still left to air leaves only Doctor Who flying the flag for British science-fiction.

83. 43k shares

Jokerside’s Editor-in-Chief crossed 43k shares for filling the internet with observations on music, film and TV, Aw you internet, aw you guys.

84. Lethbridge-Stewart

The poor old Brigadier. Reduced to Cyber-conversion while his daughter gets dispenses with UNIT’s military side. Still, the proud name lives on in Big Finish’s first New Series following Kate Stewart and the Intelligence Task Force as well as the new spin-off series of books following the younger Brig himself. UNIT is strong, and something tells me worth keeping an eye on…

85. The Liberator

A toy that inspired Jokerside to an embarrassingly biographical story for a collection of Blake’s Seven reminiscences and then, thanks to 73, was found sitting majestically at a bric-a-brac in Whitstable.

86. Gareth Edwards

Just years between winning London’s spring science-fiction 48 hour competition to reawakening Godzilla and helming the first stand-alone Star Wars film. An excellent example set by real British talent.

87. Kindle

And e-books in general. Enhancing the craft of writing and navigating culture in a way that digital film-making and mp3s just haven’t been able to. Now when you self-publish and should not be sneered at.

88. The Planet of the Apes resurgent

Crafty Fox. Another one unbelievably caught out by the cohesive Marvel behemoth, but at least a studio capable of learning from their mistakes. Fox’s mature approach to re-franchising Planet of the Apes has so far yielded two stunning films. Stay tuned for something simian on Jokerside in 2015…

89. EastEnders Live

February saw the BBC elevate their flagship show to a week-long live event for its 30th anniversary. Full of death, comedy and non-sequiturs, it was utterly brilliant. Well played.

90. Chris Chibnall

Show-running stints on Torchwood, UK Law and Order and Camelot had done him no favours, but Chris Chibnall had a glorious year when he contributed so much to the Twilight of the Ponds in Doctor Who and then launched the hugely successful Broadchurch. It’s gone a bit downhill since then, but what a year? (See 95)

91. The New 52… Ending

It was a glorious and ambitious experiment that yielded some huge quality, but it couldn’t last forever. DC Comics love their events, and Convergence will shut down The New 52 this year. The future will be interesting on page and screen.

92. Libraries

So incredibly important that Jokerside attempts to make up for the government’s horrific lack of funding by constantly paying maximum fines.

93. The Twelfth Doctor

Everyone wept with joy when Capaldi got the part. Matt Smith was awesome, but emerging from the great time rift somewhere between Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker the Twelfth Doctor has the potential to be something truly special. May the scripts be with him.

94. The Twilight of the Ponds

They were around a long time, and Amy Pond was irritating for almost the same amount of time. But still they deserved a part in the resolution of the Silence that had taken their daughter, not a late and forced entwining with the Weeping Angels. No other companions have ever influenced the Doctor’s life so much. (See 91)

95. Female Superheroes

DC laid down the Amazonian gauntlet and Marvel picked it up, with Captain Marvel hitting the big screen and Jessica Jones duelling it out on Netflix’s Alias adaptation A.K.A – no doubt pitting it out against DC’s returning Supergirl on CBS (See 64).

96. Batman at 75

The world’s most influential superhero made the most of the Time of the Bat.

97. The Joker turning 75

As Batman’s 75th year ends so the Joker’s begins (ooh, and The Flash?). All hail the harlequin of hate – arguably the greatest fictional villain ever devised.

98. Dredd

The fast improving Gotham has done much to restore the reputation of Danny Cannon after the unfortunate reception of 1995’s Judge Dredd. But the 2012 film, released the same week as Jokerside emerged, fared even worse. A tightly plotted, well produced film it’s box office shames all genre fans. Although it did prove one thing: People just won’t allow 3D to be forced upon them.

99. Die Hard turns 25

One of the best anniversaries in 2013 – it just wouldn’t be Christmas without it!

100. People reading this blog

Over 8k views – Jokerside would like to thank all you readers. Stay-tuned in 2015 for more content, more diversity and a brand new look…

Jokerside will return…

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