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Captain’s Orders: Jokerside’s Five Year Mission

Captains Orders March 2016Now that’s a real iPad… The orders have been opened at the allotted time.

Full transcript below…

Jokerside Captains Orders

The Full transcript:

“Space… To write about the final frontier.

These are the archives of Jokerside, its five year mission to explore pop culture horizons. To seek out new shows and old anniversaries. To boldy mash Jokertoons and longreads with a smirk as no one has before.”

It’s Jokerside’s third and a half birthday, and that means the Captain’s orders have unlocked. Had to find them first of course, carefully concealed in the irradiated core of the warp engine, parcel taped under a bulkhead alongside a Walther PPK, a French dictionary and a spare T-101 hand. Yes, the order is passed:

Jokerside’s Five Year Mission will end in 18 months.

That means a year and a half to soak up the near 200 articles on Jokerside crossing pop-culture. There’s plenty more to come. The long awaited conclusion to Jokerside’s series on James Bond, Halloween, Doctor Who villains, the Marvel and DC cinematic universes just for starters. They’re all lurking in neighbouring star systems.

2016 year will bring special salutes to giants of science-fiction, some fun and off-centre looks at the Star Trek franchise for its golden anniversary and finally, the arrival of the original Star Wars trilogy – starting this April. Expect more comics, more videogames – coz times they always are a-changing. Myths and legends and a bold future will all be covered as Jokerside aims at the second star to the right and straight on until September 2017.

All that and far more before Jokerside completes its cycle. And that gives its just enough time for a spot of Doctor Who Series 10.

And what then? Mothballed in dry-dock for decommissioning or perhaps an upgrade? Back to the wild frontier or feet up on the Admiral’s desk? Time will tell.

Keep your eyes posted. Remember.

Live long-read and prosper.

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