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Post 100: 100 Jokerside Moments (1 – 50)

Jokerside 100

TODAY ISN’T JUST THE IDES OF MARCH. OR MOTHERING SUNDAY IN THE UK. IT ALSO MARKS JOKERSIDE’S SECOND AND A HALF ANNIVERSARY. HORRAY! And as if that isn’t enough – this is post number 100! To celebrate, here’s a list of 100 things of note that have happened in film, TV and music during Jokerside’s lifetime …

Somebody fetch a party hat.

  1. Post-Olympics London

The world’s international city continued to flourish, a hotbed of life, art and opportunity even during strained times. Jokerside’s Ed-in-Chief re-emerged there in January 2013 and quickly regained his Sam Johnson.

  1. NT Live

The National Theatre isn’t alone in exporting its wares marvellously to remote big screens. Though it fell before Jokerside, Danny Boyle’s sublime Frankenstein (with the two Sherlocks) is still touring.

  1. Blogging

Continues to diversify and grow, the faster than a bullet cure for writers’ block.

  1. Marvel raising their game

Disney brought the bucks to support the ambition. Phase Two proved bolder, bigger and more-conquering.

  1. Big budget TV

The switch to high-budget TV continued, dragging talent from stage and screen with it. Among some inevitable dross, television is often where events now happen.

  1. Graham Linehan

Aside from anything else? Collaboration that yields Count Arthur Strong and the imminent The Cloud with Adam Buxton is enough cause to celebrate.

  1. Multiplicity

In general, brilliant. But when it comes to Multiversity… Morrison. Event. DC Comics. It just works.

  1. Hannibal

Bryan Fuller finally cracks it and manages to improve Harris… So far. This could prove the definitive version, though I long for a better adaptation of Red Dragon

  1. The failure of Eco-sci-fi

Oblivion, Elysium, After Earth – 2013’s misjudged attempt to reboot the dominant science-fiction genre collapsed and we got Star Wars back as a reward.

  1. Constantine on TV

It stumbled, and then took four episodes before NBC’s take on the Scouse mage became brilliant and compulsive. Surely: #SaveConstantine.

  1. Neil Armstrong

The first human to step on a foreign body, 20 July 1969. Lost to us, 25 August 2012.

  1. Penny Dreadful

Logan, Mendes et al put the gothic and gore back on television, unleashing prime-time Timothy Dalton on an unsuspecting audience.

  1. Twitter

Now the benchmark for communication, news delivery and news reporting, and so far just about retaining its simple brilliance.

  1. Return of the star ship show

It had been years, but Ascension put the star ship show back on television. When will Star Trek pop back up? Surely not long…

  1. Diversifying Dracula

From Victorian sop to feral Izzard to Luke Evans’ anti-hero to Penny Dreadful’s unseen: The count is in rude health.

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