A Slice of Distraction

Need some guidance? Need to find out who you are? Craving some Oscars Bingo? Have to foil every Bond plot going? You sure have come to the right place.

Distracting entertainment from the worlds of film, television and comics… Features by Jokermatt, many originally published in the hallowed online pages of the Mirror. handy guides to films, and even better ways to find out just who on Earth (or beyond) you are!

Doctor Who

Find out which Doctor Who you are

A handy guide to find out which incarnation of the Time Lord you are, were and could be…

James Bond

How to foil a Bond villain

Fancy yourself a Double-0? Reemmber to memorise this handy guide to fooiling a villain’s plot.

Which Bond Henchman are you

Searching for the inner henchman? Here’s the place to discover which Bond aggressor you are


Oscars bingo

Oscars Bingo – 2013 edition

Oscars Snubs

A specially reproduced scrap from 2013 – What is the all the Oscars Snubs had a fight off!

David Bowie

Which Bowie are you

The Great Men themselves – which Bowie are you?

The Hobbit

Which Hobbit Character are you

Less middle of the road, more Middle Earth – which Hobbit Character are you?

Horror Films

Which Horror Icon are you

Good any time of year, even better at Halloween – which Horror icon are you?

Star Trek

Which Star Trek Character are you

Reboot to the stars – which Star Trek Character are you?

Comic Book Guides

Which Batman villain are you TITLE

You’ve always wanted that long weekend in Arkham –  Which Batman villain are you?

Which Superman character are you

Straight to the Multiverse – Which Superman Man of Steel character are you?

Which X-Man character are you

Let’s pretend House of M never happened – What’s your secret X-Men power?

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