Doctor Who: Which Doctor Are You? #DoctorWho

Find out which Doctor Who you are

It’s very almost the Doctor’s 52nd birthday! And that means it’s time to present the definitive guide to finding out… Which Doctor Are You?

Two year’s ago, the Golden 50th anniversary of Doctor Who was hijacked by a few gremlins. But if Doctor Who teaches us anything it’s that time can be changed! For the 52nd anniversary, here’s a recap, with a  fully functional and updated way to work out which incarnation of the Doctor you are – No time traveller should be without it!

Follow the guide to find your Doctor and then check the Doctor descriptions down below

Which Doctor Who are you?

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Which Doctor are you? Incarnation descriptions…

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The Wolverine: What’s your X-Man power?

Snikt!  Mutant abilities really have blossomed over the last 50 years ahven’t they? Here’s my handy little guide to finding out your X Men-ability.

Click on the infographic to find out a little more about your power and some Marvel mutants you may be able to relate to. Excelsior!

What's your Marvel Superpower? - Mirror Online

As published at on 26 June 2013.

Man of Steel: Which Superman Character Are You?

Sonic Boom! As Superman returns, a handy little guide to finding out your Man of Steel alter-ego.

Click on the infographic to find out a little more about your character – whether they hail from our own yellow sol or the marginally less stable red sun of Krypton!

And faster than a speeding bullet, then find Superman and DC Comics on Jokerside.

Which Superman Character are You? - Mirror Online

As published at on 14 June 2013.

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