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Oscars 2013 – Snubs Knockout!

The Oscars over for another year, and this time it seemed strangely just. Affleck’s omission neatly left a gap for Ang Lee to swoop in for the Best Director prize. And justly deserved: Life of Pi is a marvellous piece of work. But Ben’s redemptive speech at the BAFTA’s and then the Oscars is also enough to make you forget all the neverweres and cannothaves – those films that were just plain ignored by Oscar and his chums. Yes, yesterday was also that day in the film year… When the Academy’s ignores lots of great films! Imagine how they feel – I did! FIGHT!

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Oscar Snubs - Mirror Online
Via: Mirror.co.uk

Oscars 2013 – Bingo!

It’s that day in the film year, that day…

When The Academy wheels out the great, the good and the beardy and hands them a highly successful yet informal small golden bald man (codename: Oscar).

Game for some Bingo?

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Oscar Bingo - Mirror Online
Via: Mirror.co.uk

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