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Jplerside Fictionside #2 The RulesYou’ve come to the ‘write’ place…

So you’ve seen some of Jokerside break free and head into the web ether, right? Welcome to the hub, where lives close to 200 long-reads and cartoons on pop culture for you get stuck into.

Jokerside covers a broad range of topics across film, television radio, music gaming and the arts – take a look at that epic tag cloud. If there’s a topic you’re particularly interested in, there’s every tag – do any grab your attention?

Otherwise the best place to start is by choosing one of the main routes through to the posts of Jokerside – try searching by:

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Jokerside howHow does Jokerside work? 

Over 100 articles crossing pop-culture – that’s a lot! To help, each article on Jokerside is now split into different categories so you can see the level of post you’re dipping into. From distracting features to full retrospectives, choose:

Anniversary Specials – While away your time with glimpses Jokerside’s six monthly series of analysis. From defining examples of storytelling to Jokerside‘s Rules of Engagement!

Mid-Moment – Mid-story glimpses at a show or series during it’s run. Take a glimpse at Marvel’s Phase 2 halfway through or a dissection of Game of Thrones mid Series 4. Analysis of its time.

Whole Story – A complete retrospective of a finished IP, often in multiple-partsUK election boiled down to Star Trek: Voyager or the links between the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings prequels.. A franchise or series may have spin-offs, but this will usually flag up the constraints of the article while taking a finite end-view.

JokerBadge – Worn by articles that take a skewed and sideways view – often matching two seperate topics or ideas with ghastly effect. Find real-time reviews of the first Batman comic, the 2010

JokerSlices – Features around pop-culture often originally published in media. Find out which David Bowie persona you are or how to foil every Bond plot.

Light Look – Short retrospectives that dip into an era or programme, often boosted by storified Tweets or other material.

Rare Review – Jokerside isn’t a review blog, but sometimes makes exceptions for key landmarks, events and irresistible exclusives!

Scrutiny by Story! – A different way to explore themes – a skewed view of a franchise film or series told as a story.

What’s new on Jokerside?

Recent years have seen sad endings and great new beginnings ! The Dystopia series concluded with the fifth retrospective of The Planet of the Apes,  while the two-year long look at the Master in Doctor Who brought us right up to the modern age.

We bid farewell to David Bowie while honouring the 40th anniversary of one of his most compelling personas. As Hollywood’s greatest space opera roared back, we staged a sideways retrospective of the Original trilogy. And the flagship series of the past year found us looking at seven facets of 1966, as that great year turned 50. Since then a tonne of anniversarys have included 10 years of The Dark Knight. We’ve kicked off our Persona series, featuring The Beatles and David Bowie so far… And

What’s coming up on Jokerside?

Well, we’re glad you asked! Jokerside‘s diversifying as it crosses over 200 articles, completing its original Five Year Mission and undergoing a bit of a makeover back at space-dock. Coming soon…

  • A special series will put some Batman print masterpieces under the Jokerscope…
  • A glimpse into the dark soul of another one of Doctor Who’s great foes…
  • There’ll be more Star Trek as the franchise rises to new heights (and it’s about time…)
  • James Bond will return – in many guises!
  • The annual Halloween spectacular! Who’ll be under the mask in 2019..?
  • The Fab Four on film will finally join the party…
  • Get ready for more print to film… From holographic dystopia to crumbling dynastic masterpieces to DC’s original dysfunctional superheroes…
  • A special look at a classic year of celluloid dystopia. Well, we are in 2019…

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