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Marvel: The Best of the MCU – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Marvel Cinematic Universe The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier rewards repeat viewings by impressing more and more. That’s especially true as 11 years of storytelling come to a close.

It manages to heighten almost every part of the MCU it touches and is unrivalled in setting the tone for the Phase and a half that followed…

Game of Thrones Season 8: Our verdict on the final season

Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale Reviews

Jokerside’s occasional review sets can’t resist a game, not least the end of the Game of Thrones. The genre TV phenomenon of the 21st century set itself a steep challenge for its eighth season. Long removed from its ongoing prose source, was there any chance it could end the Game in a way that lived up to its previous highs?

Joker Series of the Month:
Resurgent Star Trek

There’s a whole new quadrant out there! Star Trek was one of the big winners at last month’s SDCC. The next year will bring two animated series, of which Lower Decks will offer a more adult approach in the diversifying franchise, the return of Discovery as it heads further into the future for its third year, and the return to The Next Generation universe. Picard surprised everybody with its promised references to continuity – even as it’s offering a Star Trek series we’ve never seen before, its nod to the past have reminded us all how have important Star Trek’s 1980s rebirth really was.

We not the type to wish our lives away, but we just can’t wait for what Star Trek has in store – and we haven’t even got onto the big screen, where it’s looking more and more likely that Quentin Tarantino will take the helms of the Enterprise… In anticipation, we’re having an August celebrating all things Trek!

1966: Star Trek at 50
1966: Star Trek at 50!

Star Trek at 50 Voyager Year One
Voyager’s First Year
ST: TNG's Commander Data smoking a USS Voyager
Three TNG Favourites
Complete Discovery S1 reviews


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