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Marvel's Inhumans hit the IMAX

Marvel’s Inhumans: Partial Eclipse of the Big Screen?

There’s no hiding place now. Marvel’s moon dwelling Inhumans have evaded a live screen adaptation for years, but now it’s caught up with them. Jokerside visits their comic past and reviews their television future. At the cinema, of course. It can’t really be that bad, can it? Well… Shh, the King’s about to speak…

It’s no King’s Speech…

PICTURE THE HEART OF A METROPOLIS, WHERE HUGE STACKED BLOCKS AND GEOMETRIC SHAPES LIE SCATTERED ACROSS A BROAD TARMAC BANK LIKE ROLLED DICE. Asymmetric inroads, sheared by irregular narrow alleys and broad lanes that somehow loop to a centre; channels of asphalt that loop and swirl around a central monolith. Underground, a warren of tunnels spiral from that structure’s base, marking each compass point of its rounded walls, providing quiet foundations to the lit, glass and metal column as it soars through and past ground level. <Read the full long-read now>

Joker Series of the Month:

A Wagon Train to the Stars: Star Trek on Jokerside

It’s the month Star Trek returns to the small screen, the necessary break promising a facet of the Final Frontier that we’ve never seen before. What’s out there on the edge of Federation space? We’ll be all over Star Trek: Discovery of course. But in preparation, get stuck into our previous long reads and features of the Trek variety… LLAP.


 ST: TNG's Commander Data smoking a USS Voyager RIP Spock Leonard Nimoy Star Trek Voyager Coalition What's your inner Star Trek Alien header? Star Trek at 50 Voyager Year One 1966: Star Trek at 50


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