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Latest Posts: Bowie Colour

Personas: Chasing Major Tom –
David Bowie’s Other Egos

Bowie Major Tom Persona

His fate remains shrouded in jewel-encrusted mystery, but David Bowie’s first significant creation had staying power. The enigmatic Major Tom remained his constant if infrequent companion through accidents, addiction, life…

Personas: Running from Valentine – David Bowie’s Other Egos

As Lazarus prepares to open in Amsterdam, a glimpse at one of David Bowie’s most fascinating, incendiary and final creations. The enigmatic Valentine swooped in an unassuming fashion before seizing a supernatural life of his own and linking the reality with fiction….

Chopping Down A Dolls House: What if The White Album was a single album?

White Album at 50

The Beatles, more commonly known as the White Album, turns 50 today. A difficult, brilliant hulk of an album, it’s spent five decades defying the many questions it throws up. Is it the band’s best album? Is it the start of their break up? What is Honey Pie all about?

But no question comes larger than the one that emerged after a chance remark from producer George Martin in the 1970s: Should the Fab Four’s only double-LP have just been one disc? Is there an undisputed best-in-class single album in there? This Jokerside aims to find out… <Read more>

Joker Series of the Month:
A Smattering of Superheroes

A decade on from Iron Man, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe finds itself in its biggest year yet – no mean feat after the triumphs of 2018.

Soon we’ll discover its first and ‘marvellous’ female-led actioner, sustainable the speedy return of its shared Neighbourhood Spider-Man is, and the promise of a changing of the guard in what’s sure to be the year’s biggest film: Avenger’s Endgame. Over at Warner/DC their stumbling universe has received yet another boost from the superbly entertaining Aquaman and their main event this year is tantalizing: Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. The comic genre’s going nowhere and that’s not even touching the small screen or the printed page. Eyes will be on Disney’s next move as Netflix Marvel project disbands, and how Scott Snyder plans to follow up on DC’s brilliant 2018 Dark Nights Metal crossover. So, in preparation for another year of soaring capes, we present a sample of comic book long-reads, from celebrating a classic to toasting a clown to the mixed fortunes of superheroes on television. Read on True Believers – we miss Stan Lee too. That Avenger’s cameo is going to be emotional…

Batman The Dark Knight at 10
Dark Knight at 10
Marvel's Inhumans hit the IMAX
Inhumans LIVE!
Legends of Tomorrow Series 1
Legends of Tomorrow Series 1
Batman #1 Joker
Joker: Anonymous Clown


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