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Jokerside Fictionside #2 The Rules


FICTIONSIDE 101: Five types of Hollywood Reboot

FICTIONSIDE 102: Jokerside’s 10 Rules of Engagement

FICTIONSIDE 103: Who needs a shared cinematic universe?

FICTIONSIDE 104: Heroes & Villains

FICTIONSIDE 105: When Franchises Head to Space!


Back to the Future – When the Future Zoomed Past

Batman Beyond: The Devil and Ben Affleck

Batman at 75: The Ultimate Festive Favourite – Batman Returns

1966: Batman the Movie at 50

The Dark Knight at 10: 10 ways it Introduced a Little Anarchy

“Words that stay” – Celebrating The Dark Crystal

“Closer than you think” – Celebrating Labyrinth

1966: Invasion Earth 2150 – Movie Daleks at 50

(I) Die Hard: The 12 Rules of Dying Hard and the Mantle of the Hat

(II) Die Hard: Essential Die Hard Moments and a Mission to Moscow

Hammer: Dracula Prince of Darkness at 50 – Dead and just not putting up with it

Highlander at 30: Part 1 – The Threat of the Future

(I) Escape back to the Planet of the Apes: Page to Screen

(II) Escape Back to the Planet of the Apes: Tim Burton’s Missing Link

(III) Escape Back to the Planet of the Apes: Enter Paradox

(IV) Reboot to the future: The Rise and Rise of the Planet of the Apes

(V) Reboot to the future: Losing the Battle but Winning the War of the Planet of the Apes

1966: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly at 50

Horror Films: Which Horror Icon Are You?

Horror Films: ‘What’s your pleasure, sir?’ Archive Hellraiser Review

Horror Films: Pleasure and Pain Indivisible – The Hellraiser Saga

Hellraiser: Scarlet Endgames – The recent deaths of Pinhead reviewed

(I) Halloween Horror: A Nightmare on Elm Street – “The Undiscovered Country…”

(II) Halloween Horror: Nightmare on Elm Street – “In that Sleep of Death…”

(III) Nightmare before Christmas: A Nightmare on Elm Street: “The rest is silence…”

(I) Halloween I: Michael Myers’ First Blood

(II) Halloween II: New Masks Please

(III) Halloween III: Difficult Middle Children

(IV) Halloween IV: Watering Down the Franchise (H20 and Resurrection under the knife)

(V) Halloween V: Re-carving the Pumpkin – Michael Myers Zombie-style

James Bond: “Choose your next witticism carefully…” Goldfinger turns 50

(I) James Bond: Man Talk – Connery #Bondathon

(II) James Bond: The Other Fella – Lazenby #Bondathon

(III) James Bond: The Tedious Inevitability of an Unloved Season: Moore #Bondathon

(IV) James Bond: You Should Have Brought Lilies: Dalton #Bondathon

(V) James Bond: Just a Professional doing a Job – Brosnan #Bondathon

(VI) James Bond: Everyone Needs a Hobby – Craig #Bondathon

(VII) James Bond: Microfilm A – Bonding Time

James Bond: All The Time in the World – Bond reviews from the archive

James Bond: ‘Moneypennny, let me tell you the secret of the world…’ – Ultimate Bond Guides

(I) Mad Max: “That other George Franchise” and its Essential Max Factors

(II) Mad Max: “The Long Road to Hollywood”

(I) Marvel: That Extra Limb… Where did it all go wrong for the Amazing Spider-Man?

(II) Marvel: Are Franchises Electric… Where did it all go Wrong for the Amazing Spider-Man?

(III) Marvel: Back in the Fold… Where can it all go right for the new Spider-Man?

Marvel: Minimising Daredevil and Maximising Ant-Man

Marvel: “Go to Hell Castle” – The Punisher on Film

The Mummy Unwrapped: Original Shifting Sand from Universal to Hammer

Star Trek: The Number 2 and Just Who the Hell is John Harrison?

Star Trek: “It is a reminder to me that all things end” RIP Spock

Star Trek: The Needs of the Two

Star Trek: Which Crew member of the Enterprise are You?

Star Trek: What’s your Inner Star Trek Alien?

Star Wars: From the Empire to an Ankle Far, Far Away

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – A Canon Divided

Desert Clothing: A Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

Snow Boots: Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

Jungle Garb: Star Wars Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

Terminator: Twisted Timelines and the Horror Within! 1964 – 2004

Terminator: Twisted Timelines and the Horror Within! 2007 – 2032 (and beyond…)

The Hobbit: The Phantom Menace – The Desolation of Prequels

The Hobbit: Which Hobbit Character Are You 

(I) Lord of the Rings: “A Wizard is Never Late” – The Fellowship of the Ring

(II) Lord of the Rings: “Let’s Hunt Some Orc” – The Two Towers

(III) Lord of the Rings: “The Taste of Strawberries” – The Return of The King

Oscars 2013 – Bingo!

Oscars 2013 – Snubs Knockout!

Waterworld at 20: We need to Parley about Mariner

Chris Moyles returns on X Radio


The History Years: Simon Mayo’s 2001 departure from Radio 1

Chris Moyles Exits Stage Left in 2012: ‘Some weird victory’

Chris Moyles Returns Stage Right in 2015: ‘Gonna be here every morning on Radio X – until they fire us’

HR Giger Alien Cut

Art Comics

#Batman: Which Villain Are You?

Batman at 75: The Joker – Anonymous Clown

(I) Batman at 75: Gotham City on Film – Ill Met By Moonlight in the 20th Century

(II) Batman at 75: Gotham City on Film – Cracked Actor in the 21st Century

Batman: Hot off the Press – The Freshly Minted Batman#1 (1940) Reviewed

Batman at 75: Ra’s al Ghul…The Dark Knight Villain to Beat

Batman: Rebooting Batmen – The Brave and the Bold

Batman: The Lite Knight (The Dark Knight Rises part one) 

Batman at 75: Dark Knights, Lite Knights & the Time of the Bat 

Constantine: The Endless War of the Roses

HR Giger: Airbrushing the Horror of Hollywood

Man of Steel: Which Superman Character Are You?

(I) Man of Steel: “Some time ago a friend asked me a question…”

(II) Man of Steel II: “Dark and Heavy Skies Hung over the City…”

(II) Man of Steel III: “The Rising Price of Kryptonite”

Marvel: Phase 2 – One of our Tanks is Missing

Marvel: Phase 2 – Look to the Stars

Marvel: Disney and the Age of Marvel

The Wolverine: What’s your X-Man power?

(I) X-Men: Saved by the Decades (Part Two)

(II) X-Men: Saved by the Decades (Part One)

David Bowie Station to Station at 40


1966: Pet Sounds at 50

1966: Revolver at 50

Personas: Letting the Evening Go with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles Other Egos

Chopping Down A Dolls House: What if The White Album was a single album?

(I) Britpop: 20 Years since Parklife Escaped the Traps (With Lyrics!)

(II) Britpop: Blur’s Great Britpop Escape

Blur: 12 of the best post-Britpop

Blur: The Magic Whip Reviewed

Britpop: Supergrass and I Should Coco at 20

David Bowie: The Forgotten Trilogy

David Bowie: Can’t Get Enough of that Doomsday Song: Bowie & The Next Day

David Bowie: Persona and Personae – Which Bowie are you?

David Bowie: The Man Who Fell to Earth – Station to Station at 40

David Bowie: Enter the Duke – Station to Station at 40

Personas: Chasing Major Tom – David Bowie’s Other Egos

Personas: Running from Valentine – David Bowie’s Other Egos

“Oh no, don’t say it’s true” David Bowie 1947 – 2016

Doctor Who: When the Radiophonic Workshop went to Shoreditch (#Whovember)

Glastonbury: Memory of a Wet Festival

Rock ‘n’ Roll: 60 years of Rocking Around the Clock

Freddy Kreuger Nightmare on Elm Street


Doctor Who Series 9 Essay I: Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Skaro and the End of the Acid Reign

Doctor Who Series 9 Essay 2: A Change of Bootstraps

Doctor Who Series 9 Essay 3: Are Historical Adventures Important again?

Doctor Who Series 9 Essay 4: The Knightmare of Immortality

Doctor Who Series 9 Essay 5: Have companions become more important than the Doctor?

Doctor Who Series 9 Essay 6: Too Soon for a Siege?

Doctor Who Series 9 Essay 7: Companion Closure – What’s in a Series?

Doctor Who Series 9 Essay 8: Influences leave a Score to Settle

Doctor Who Series 9 Essay 9: The Return to Gallifrey and Chekov’s Hybrid

Doctor Who: Ranking the Hiatuses!

Doctor Who: Which Doctor Are You? 

Doctor Who at 10 year’s old: Classic versus New

Doctor Who: Moff v RTD – When Steven Moffat made History (New Who special)

Doctor Who: Change for a Time – ‘Deep Breath’ Reviewed #DoctorWho

Doctor Who and the Halfway Point of Series 8

(I) Doctor Who: The Early 1970s, The Third Doctor and Velvet Aspirations

(II) Doctor Who: The Late 1970s, The Fourth Doctor and Stitches in Time

(III) Doctor Who: Five ways that Steven Moffat has remade the Fifth Doctor

Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors and the End of an Ice Age

Doctor Who: In the Thrilling Adventure of the Twilight of the Ponds

(I) Doctor Who: Dawn of the Impossible Girl

(II) Doctor Who: Dawn of the Impossible Girl

Doctor Who: 999 “You need a Doctor…” – Nine of the Ninth

Doctor Who: Legacy – “We’re trying to defeat the Daleks, not start a jumble sale” (Whovember #1)

Doctor Who: Multiplicity – “He can wear whatever face he likes!” (Whovember #2)

Doctor Who: End of the Daleks – “Ghosts from the future” (Whovember #3)

Doctor Who: A Fresh Scarf – “Harry Sullivan is an imbecile” (Whovember #4)

Doctor Who: Companions’ Snakes on a Brain – “…Dreams are important” (Whovember #5)

Doctor Who: Reputation – “He’s dangling on the edge of oblivion!” (Whovember #6)

Doctor Who: Ace – “…I always leave these things to the last moment” (Whovember #7)

Doctor Who: The 17 Year Itch – “In the fight for survival, there are no rules” (Whovember #8)

(IX) Doctor Who: Slitheen – The Green, the Good and the Ugly (Whovember #9)

(X.i) Doctor Who: Celebrity Histories – “Stepped through in either direction” (Whovember #10 Alpha)

(X.ii) Doctor Who: Celebrity Histories – “I’m Going to be King. Run!” (Whovember #10 Omega)

(XI.i) Doctor Who: Silence – “Fooling you twice the same way” (Whovember #11 Alpha)

(XI.ii) Doctor Who: Silents – “You should kill us all on sight” (Whovember #11 Sigma)

(XI.iii) Doctor Who: Silents – “Back to back on the fields” (Whovember #11 Omega)

Doctor Who: The New Series Whovember Recap!

Doctor Who: Countdown to New-Whovember – The Classic Who Recap!

(I) Doctor Who: Arrival of the “Unimaginative Plodder” – The 1970s (Marchster #1)

(II) Doctor Who: “Somewhat Reduced Circumstances” – The 1980s (Marchster #2)

Doctor Who: “Dear me, how tiresome” – A Tale of Two Jacobis (Marchster #3)

Doctor Who: “No beard this time… Well, a Wife” – The 2000s (Marchster #4)

Doctor Who: “I need my friend back” – The 2010s (Marchster #5)

Doctor Who: “I’m glad one of us is amused” – The 1990s (MaRCHster #6)

Doctor Who: The Master through the Decades – The Classic Series Compression Eliminated

Doctor Who: The Master through the decades – The New Series Compression Eliminated

Doctor Who: The Doctor, the BBC and the Unstoppable Leaks

Doctor Who The Trial of Morbius!

The Golden Age of Cybermen Part 1: From The Tenth Planet to The Moonbase

The Golden Age of Cybermen Part 2: From The Tombs to The Invasion

Constantine: The Original Sins of Adaptation

(I) Dracula: “Vlad About Town” – AD 2015

(II) Dracula: “Learning from Mis-Stakes” – AD 2015

The Flash: The Fastest Show on TV Returns

(I) Frankenstein: “We Will Need New Material” – AD 2014 

(II) Frankenstein: “We Will Need New Material” – AD 2014

(III) “The Frankenstein Murders” – Frankenstein on TV and Film AD 2016

Game of Thrones: The Dog and the Wolf – A Clash of Comfort

“You fool Hyde, you can never defeat us” – Jekyll and Hyde AD 2016

The Leftovers: the First Season Left Behind

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Surprise Return of the Spaceship Show

Marvel’s Inhumans: Partial Eclipse of the Big Screen?

Merlin: Swords and Sorcery Part I – For the Love of Camelot!

(II) Merlin: Swords and Sorcery – For the Hate of Camlann!

Penny Dreadful and Hannibal: Fall of the Witches, Rise of the Dragon

Penny Dreadful: The Last Rites.

Space: A lap of loneliness – Voyager I goes interstellar

(I) Star Trek: The Next Generation – Replicated Comfort Food

1966: Star Trek at 50

Year of Hell? Star Trek: Voyager – The First Year under the Microscope

Star Trek: Phasers set to Nobody Won. What Star Trek Voyager taught us about coalition

Star Trek Discovery Series 1: Our review of Trek’s new Wagon Train to the Stars

Thunderbirds: Are… Really… Early… Go!

RIP Iwata Mario & Luigi


Nintendo and Satoru Iwata: Dream Brothers

Super Mario Bros. the Movie! Dystopia hits the Mushroom Kingdom

Super Mario Bros. The anniversary play-through!