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Draw the connections with these collected Jokerside serials, marking landmark anniversaries or unavoidable parallels across music, film and television. From Time Lords to super spies to Dark Knights to dystopia – long reads for long topics.


50 year’s on, essays picking out diverse cultural landmarks in film, music and television on their golden anniversary.

1966 Pet Sounds at 50
Pet Sounds at 50
1966 Batman at 50
Batman at 50
1966 The Beatles' Revolver at 50
Revolver at 50
1966 Dalek Invasion Earth 2150 at 50
Movie Daleks at 50
1966: Star Trek at 50
Star Trek at 50
1966 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly turns 50
1966: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly at 50

Jokerside’s  Year of Dystopia! (2015 – 2016)

As Dystopia roars back to American cinema, Jokerside delves into four major Hollywood blockbusters built from a bleak future. From Mad Max‘s long road to Tinsel Town to rocket powered escape back to the Planet of the Apes. Before a trip to the damp, short-lived future of Waterworld and a glimpse at the horror behind The Terminator.

Mad Max - The Essential Max Factor
Mad Max
Mad Max Even further beyond the Thunderdome
Mad Max
The Terminator Timelines
Terminator Horror I
Terminator twisting time lines
Terminator Horror II
The Mariner sinks - Waterworld at 20
Waterworld at 20
Planet of the Apes Part One
Planet of the Apes I
Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes 2001
Planet of the Apes II
Escape back to the Planet of the Apes
Planet of the Apes III
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Planet of the Apes IV
Battle, Dawn and War of the Apes
Planet of the Apes V

David Bowie (Posts from 2013 – )

Time obsessed: From forgotten trilogies, 1970s classics and The Next Day.

David Bowie Station to Station at 40
The Man who Fell to Earth
David Bowie Station to Station at 40
Station to Station at 40
David Bowie and the Lost Trilogy
Bowie’s Forgotten Trilogy
David Bowie The Next Day
The Next Day

Marvel: The Cinematic Universe and beyond (ongoing)

The new behemouth of Hollywood marches on at Disney Marvel, Fox and Sony…

Laughing Wolverine Cavalier
X-Men on screen – 1970s
X-Man Wolverine Monalisa
X-Men on screen – 1960s
Oron Man The Winter Soldier
Marvel Phase II
Hulk Marvel Jokertoon
Marvel Phase II
Disney Age of Marvel
Disney’s Age of Marvel
Avengers Age of Ultron and the end of Marvel Phase 2
Marvel Phase II
Whatever happened to the Amazing Spiderman?
Amazing Spider-Man I
What went wrong with the Amazing Spiderman?
Amazing Spider-Man II
Spider-Man and Marvel's New York
Spider-Man Homecoming
Daredevil and Ant-Man
Daredevil & Ant-Man
Ant-Man - ants and helmet
Ant-Man & Daredevil
Punisher on Film
Punisher on Film

Icons of Cinematic Horror (every Halloween..)

An occasional series looking at the greatest franchises of horror cinema…

Hellraiser Pinhead and the Lament Configuration
The Hellraiser Saga
The Scarlet Gospels Hellraiser Revelations
Pinhead’s Scarlet endgames
Freddy Krueger and A Nightmare on Elm Street
Krueger origins
Freddy Kreuger Nightmare on Elm Street
Krueger endgame
Freddy Krueger Pied Piper
Post-modern Krueger
John Carpenter Halloween
Halloween origins
Halloween Season of the Witch and the Return of Michael Myers
Halloween’s middle years
Halloween III Season of the Witch - the Difficult Middle Child
Closing Halloween
Halloween H2O Michael Myers
Rebooting Halloween
Halloween V: Re-carving the Pumpkin - Michael Myer Zombie-style
Rebooting the Reboot

Icons of Modern Gothic Horror (2014 – 2016)

The great icons of Gothic literature lasting well into the 21st century…

Penny Dreadful Frankenstein Puppet
Frankenstein AD 2014 Film
Frankenstein AD 2014 Fresh Material
Frankenstein AD 2014 TV
Victor Frankenstein 2016 AD
Frankenstein AD 2016
Dracula AD2014 on television and film
Dracula AD 2014 TV

Dracula Untold - The Puppet Master Vampire
Dracula AD 2014 Film
Jekyll and Hyde 2015 2016
Jekyll and Hyde AD 2016

Star Wars (2016)

Yes, THAT space opera… Let the retrospective begin…

Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope
A New Hope
Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars VI - Return of the Jedi
Return of the Jedi

Doctor Who Series 9 – The Essays (2015)

An essay for every story, from Skaro to beyond…

Doctor Who Series 9 The Magician's Apprentice
Series 9: I
Doctor Who Series 9 Under the Lake and Before the Flood
Series 9: II
Doctor Who Season Nine The Girl Who Died
Series 9: III
The Woman who lived Series Nine Doctor Who
Series 9: IV
Invasion of the Zygons Doctor Who
Series 9: V
Doctor Who Sleep No More
Series 9: VI
Doctor Who Face the Raven
Series 9: VII
Heaven Sent Doctor Who Series 9
Series 9: VIII
Doctor Who Hell Bent Rassilon
Series 9: IX

Doctor Who: The Classic Whovember Retrospective (2013)

A Doctor by Doctor retrospective of the show’s Classic Series for 2013’s 50th anniversary…

First Doctor Whovember Jokertoon
The First
Second Doctor Whovember Jokertoon
The Second
Third Doctor Whovember Jokertoon
The Third
Fourth Doctor Whovember Jokertoon
The Fourth 
Fifth Doctor Whovember Jokertoon
The Fifth
Sixth Doctor Whovember Jokertoon
The Sixth
Seventh Doctor Whovember Jokertoon
The Seventh
Eighth Doctor Whovember Jokertoon
The Eighth
Radiophonic Workshop Whovember
Radiophonic Workshop
Whovember - classic Doctor Who retrospective
The Collected Classics

Doctor Who: The New Whovember Retrospective (2014 – 2015)

Crashing like a TARDIS into the 21st Century… A Doctor by Doctor retrospective of the New Series

Ninth Doctor Whovember Jokertoon
The Ninth
Tenth Doctor and his Zygon
The Tenth I
Tenth Doctor and his future
The Tenth II
The Collected New Series
The Eleventh Doctor and the Silence that must fall

The Eleventh I
Doctor Who and the Silence

The Eleventh II
Eleventh Doctor and Handles #Whovember

The Eleventh III 

Doctor Who and his Fiendish Enemies! (2015 – 16)

Salute the golden age of the Cybermen in the 1960s, the lament the ruination of the Ice Warriors and the revenge of the Angels!

Golden age of Cybermen The Tenth Planet and The Moonbase
Cybermen’s Golden Age I
Golden age of Cybermen 2 - Tomb of the Cybermen
Cybermen’s Golden Age II
Doctor Who and the Twilight of the Ponds
Twilight of the Ponds
Return of the Ice Warriors and end of an era
Defrosting Ice Warriors

Keeping an Eye on the Master (2015 – 16)

If there was one nemesis who couldn’t let the Doctor get away with his Whovember… it was the Master. Find him, and her, here with a glimpse at their insidious sartorial elegance to gender-reversed homicidal mania across four decades of Doctor Who

The Original Master - Doctor Who Marchester takeover
The Master in the 1970s
The Master in the 1980s - the Doctor Who Marchster takeover
The Master in the 1980s
The Master Eric Roberts
The Master in the 1990s
The Master 1970s 1980s 1990s
Collected Classic Masters

The Master in Scream of the Shalka and Utopia
The Master in the 2000s I
Master The Master John Simm
The Master in the 2000s II
The Mistress, Time Lady and Cyberman
The Mistress in the 2010s
Collected New Masters

New Who Day (Every March)

Celebrating 26 March, the anniversary of Doctor Who’s glorious return with Rose in 2005, with special reports on the rebooted show…

New Doctor Who Tenth Anniversary
10 years of new Who
Moffat Davies New Doctor Who
Davies vs Moffat

James Bond: The 50th Anniversary Bondathon and beyond (2012 -)

The retrospective for James Bond’s 50th anniversary on film…

Connery Bondathon - James Bond
Dalton Bondathon - James Bond
Brosnan Bondathon - James Bond
Lazenby Bondathon - James Bond
Craig Bondathon - James Bond

Moore Bondathon - James Bond
Connery, Lazenby, Moore and Brosnan reviewed
Archive reviews
Sean Connery Goldfinger Jokertoon
Goldfinger at 50
Bondathon - James Bond Bonding Time
Time & James Bond

Who: the Influence of the Decades (2014 – )

A look at how the future of Doctor Who is often stitched in its past…

Doctor Who and the 1970s
Who in the 70s I
Doctor Who and the late 1970s
Who in the 70s II
Doctor Who and the 1980s
Repeating the 80s

Batman: The Dark Knight at 75 (2014)

A cave-full of Batman articles for the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary…

The Time of the Bat
The Dark Knight Rises and Robin
The Dark Knight Rises
Brave and the Bold
Ra's al Ghul Winner Batman
Ra’s al Ghul 

Batman's Gotham City on film
Gotham City in the 20th C
The Penguin - Batman's Santa Claus
Batman's Gotham City on film Jokertoon
Gotham City in the 21st C
Batman #1 Joker
The Joker’s first appearance
The Joker from his first appearance

The Man of Steel Narrative: From Arkham to Metropolis to Gotham (2013)

An interwoven story and analysis in the wake of the first film of DC’s new cinematic universe.

Man of Steel I - Arkham Asylum Jokertoon
Into the Asylum
Man of Steel III - Gotham Jokertoon
Return to Gotham
Man of Steel II - Metrolpolis Jokertoon
Top of the Tower

Die Hard: What is the Mantle of the Hat? (2013)

John McClane: From the ultimate Christmas film to Essential Die Hard Moments and the 12 Rules of Dying Hard!

Die Hard - 12 Rules Jokertoon
Mantle of the Hat
Die Hard Greatest Moments Jokertoon
Die Hard Moments

Star Trek (2014 – )

We love the never-ending Wagon Train to the Stars

Khan Borg Star Trek Jokertoon
Star Trek: The Needs of the Two
1966: Star Trek at 50
Star Trek at 50 Voyager Year One
ST: TNG's Commander Data smoking a USS Voyager
The Next Generation

The Nintendo Odyssey (2015 – )

Mario enters his fourth decade…

Super Mario Bros at 30 - Mario
RIP Iwata Mario & Luigi
Super Mario Bros at 30 - Luigi

Tolkien of the Big Screen (2012 – 2014)

The Jackson saga – from retrospective to Hobbit deconstruction…

Lord of the Rings Hobbit Jokertoon

Fellowship of the Ring 
Lord of the Rings Hobbit Jokertoon
Return of the King
Lord of the Rings Dwarf Jokertoon
The Two Towers
The Hobbit The Phantom Menace
Hobbit vs Star Wars

Britpop crosses decades (2014 – )

Celebrating the misery and joy of a movement that defined a generation… And the bands that transcended it.

Parklife and lone greyhound of Britpop
Blur’s Parklife @ 20
Britpop The Great Escape
Blur’s Great Escape @ 19
Supergrass I Should Coco
Blur Post-Britpop - Coffee and TV
Blur The Magic Whip Review


Tracking 100 unforgettable moments, notable milestones and trends in film, TV and music and year reviews…

Jokerside Fictionside #2 The Rules
Fictionside 003 Shared Universes
Hollywood reboots Jokerside
Fictionside Heroes and villains
Jokerside's Fictionside105-Heading to Space

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